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I graphic design. I project manage. I move products to production. I create physical mock ups of products and packaging to help decision makers see the whole picture in the right context. But I also keep digital libraries, assets, and project schedules in ship shape to set the foundation for a smooth design and production process. My combination of skills sound interesting? Contact me or learn more LinkedIn


Pendulum product bottles were all over the map – tall, short, wide, narrow, ribbed cap, smooth cap, dark amber, light amber, matte finish, gloss finish. I pulled together components to create a unified product line for a bi-annual product photoshoot.

Responsibilities: label production, product design for photoshoot


I created a design tool kit for growing Pendulum partnerships through email, printed insert, and landing page offerings. A design tool kit was essential to keep new partnerships launching on-time and in-scope to drive aquisition of new customers.

Responsibilities: design and project management


From over 50 separate Little Passports USA and World Edition booklets, I help create a set of fresh 200+ page activity books. The USA Activity Book was sold exclusively by Target and was one of 16 products launched for Target in Fall 2021.

Responsibilities: cover and interior page designs, production, project management


The original Little Passports Science Junior comic book cover art was confusingly designed in a different style than the interior story art. As I prepped the 10th comic book for production, I decided to push for the cover to match the interior style. To pitch the idea, I used only existing art from the interior panels and mocked up 10 new covers designs. Half way through my presentation, I already gained the approval of the team and the CEO.

Responsibilities: cover and interior page designs, production, project management


Little Passports makes subscription based, educational projects for kids between the ages of 3 and 9. I lead the creation of on-time, production ready files for the hundreds of SKUs that went into maintaining kits for 1 or 2 year subscriptions and for the retail SKUs for Target shelves.

Responsibilities: production design and project management

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I created a cohesive series of DVDs with supporting ads and emails to drive sales across print and digital media.

Responsibilities: cover, ad, and email designs

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I helped popular meal kit maker, Gobble, retain customers by designing colorful insert promotions, email reminders, and account management icons.

Responsibilities: design, illustration